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Specialty Services

Trash/Debris Removal:

If you need yard services, trash removal, demolition, deconstruction and hauling away of heavy items, We at NY Mountain Movers are there to help. Let us do the dirty work so you can spend your time on the better things in life. As people who love to work hard, dirty jobs come as second nature. Even if you just want your leaves hauled away and your yard landscaped, we can help.​




From top to bottom we will make your business or residence clean enough to feel the difference.

We make sure to listen to your exact cleaning needs and be able to do the job to exceed your expectations. We know how much more comfortable it is being in a clean environment, especially your home or business.​

For Sale

However we can help.

  • Car transportation

  • Boat Transportation

  • Trailers

  • PODs

  • Pianos

  • Safes

  • Workout Equipment

  • Art

  • Commercial Equipment

  • Painting


Let us help you move whatever you need or fix whatever we can!

Competitive pricing for special cargo

Here at NY Mountain Movers, We have done all kinds of work from painting, construction, landscaping, farming/gardening, towing, carpentry, snow removal and all kinds of odd jobs and projects that we like to keep our options open and be able to have an expansive range of services to offer to our community. However we can help, we will try to be there. Not only do we offer Commercial and Residential full service moving, but we also offer labor at a reduced price. If you are renting your own truck, van, trailer, pod or just need help around the house, we are there. We work hard to be competitive and be able to give you a fair and cheaper service with exceptional quality of work.

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